From the Otherside

This is the story of my journey since my husband Nic aged 56, was diagnosed with Terminal Brain Cancer.


Take a trip through our memories with us, indulge yourself, lose yourself, remember what it was like to be young and free of the burdens that this world has to offer

Trees, I love to photograph trees, usually bare ones on a cloudy day

When the mist rolls in you know you can get your camera out! We lived in an area that had real British weather

Nic loves taking bird pics. Me, they don’t stay around long enough for me to get the pic. I suppose I’m waiting for the perfect moment. There is no such thing in the wild.

Giraffe, what I wouldn’t do, for some necking again!! I once touched Giraffe, what I don’t tell people is that it was for 2 seconds and I ran like hell.

This is a typical Kruger National Park Pic. Oh how I miss those carefree days

Kingfishers, you can hear there call for miles away. What I love about them is their togetherness. They are always a couple!

These Rhinos were taken in the Southern part of the Kruger National Park close to where we used to live. We counted 38 of them living in that area.

I can’t recall where this was taken to be honest!!

Taken on our travels through magnificent South Africa!

My second grand daughter, I love this pic because it’s like she’s saying ‘I’m gonna take over the world’

Windmills! My favorite objects to photograph!

Nic and I used to go to the graveyard of the soldiers who fought in wars. He liked to take pics there. I think it took him back to his army days. It wasn’t my favorite way of spending a day but he needed to do it. So we did.

Ahh, the Fish River Canyon, I didn’t know I suffered from Vertigo until that day. Absolutely horrible feeling. I went back to the car as I was incredibly nauseas. Yuk.

The Kokerboom Forest in Namibia. Pretty awesome to say the least.

Another pic, its a huge forest and hot as anything. It’s in Namibia.

The landscape changes so often and so immediately you can’t help but to marvel at the wonder of nature

Every day the dunes look different. 

Dune 23 is in the Namib, the highest dune in the world. People from all age groups climb the dune. They write their names when the are half way up. What always amazes me is that within half an hour the wind has displaced the sand and all traces that anyone was ever there is gone. Kind of like life. It comes and it goes and then everyone forgets you were ever there.

A sunrise in Soussisvlei is really something to experience 

More dune pics for you to enjoy 

Travelling through Namibia you drive past the most beautiful mountains. This pic is taken in the Namib

Namibia is very beautiful with lots of landscapes and mountain ranges 

A township in Swakopmund. 

This pic was taken by Nic’s son unbeknown to us, he saw us having a moment and thought he’d capture it. We were camping on a beach in Swakopmund

My first grand daughter, Hailee

This is Timothy, my youngest. He actually grew up too fast as Christopher relied upon him for his memory. 

This is Christopher. He liked to be one of the boys, to be some how ‘normal’

Every year we did a Photo Booth Pic

These are our first four years together Photo Booth Pics in no particular Order

A party we had a few days before Christopher went into the home. This was our ‘Spur’ moment

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