From the Otherside

This is the story of my journey since my husband Nic aged 56, was diagnosed with Terminal Brain Cancer.

Something About Us

Nic and I met late in life.

We brought a lot of our past with us. We also had our own children. Nic and I never had any children of our own but we did manage to unite the children we each had in a way that worked. Not perfectly but much more than one would have expected given the circumstances. We married in May 2005. 

Nic and my relationship is unique in the sense that we spent it together 24/7/365 from day one. We also settled into completely different roles. He was the one who took control over my emotional well being. Made sure I slept enough, stayed hydrated. Ate when I was supposed to. He worked hard on rehabilitating me. I was a workaholic. I took care of our physical well being and made sure everything happened. It’s just the way it worked. And Nic and I talked, and talked and talked. We talked about everything and nothing. We never ran out of something to say. We travelled a lot, so we notched up a lot of time on the talk meter. 

I have epilepsy so Nic drives me everywhere. I try to drive maybe once every 3 months to keep a little practiced. We only have one car, one bag, one wallet, one bank account, one life.

He does all the cooking, I wash all the dishes, he washes my hair – since the day we were married. Yes to this day. I pick up his socks and everything he leaves lying around. I love cleaning up after him. It’s my way of looking after him, the way he does me, and only if you had a glimpse of our lives could you understand that I guess. 

He has to ‘put me to sleep’ when I can’t fall asleep by telling me a story or stroking my hair. 

What I love about him the most is that he is a man. He reads the news, watches rugby, has a beer (although only 1) and talks cars with the boys. I so love that. 

We share our love of wildlife and nature.

I love who we are alone and together. We are good together. Why? Because Yahweh put us together and that which he put together may no man separate.

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