People tell us to make the most of each moment. I’m not so sure those are wise words, knowing what I’m like!

This morning I woke up at my customary 3 ish as that is my going to work time. I celebrated quietly when I realized that it was my rest day and went back to sleep. I woke up again at 7. Nic was hungry so I got up.

I need a huge amount of variety in my life so I was walking up and down the dressing room looking for something ‘different’ to wear. And something that suited my mood. After a huge internal debate I settled for red jeggings, a black top and had to go in search of my jersey, which as usual was not in it’s usual place.

That jersey and I go way back. Last year when I was again on the look for it, found it, picked it up and put my arm in it and saw it couldn’t go any further. It seemed there was some sticks stuck in the mohair of the jersey. So I pull and pull and pull. Eventually it comes loose. I open my hand to see what it was. And there in my hand is a scorpion! I throw it on the floor. I’m not sure who was more stunned.

Back to the present. Breakfast. I decide I’m going to make Beef sausages, mushrooms and Tomatoes. No eggs. So I’m merrily cooking the eggs when they catch fire. I quickly lift the pan. Flip, the pans on fire and the stoves on fire.

So I shout out ‘honey, fire’. I didn’t think blowing would help so I grab a cloth and smother it. I’m thinking , there is so much paper in this house, if it got to my office, I would save my printer and my PC. Imagine the scene. We’d be standing on a vacant piece of land with a printer under one arm and a laptop under the other.

So we’ve survived breakfast. Nic has outgrown his tops so I quickly go to the mall to get more as we are meeting his sister and brother in law at 10

Get to Pick n Pay Clothing the only clothing store in the small mall and run for the men’s section. What no long sleeved tops. Signs all over ‘Just In’ and just in is summer. Oh no. Get skid marks to the sale table. There are some long sleeved tops there. Only it’s right in front of the cashiers and the ‘sale’ sign is in the way of finding the right size. So I unpack the tops. The cashier looks at me aghast. I tell her to chill. I have this. Then the unthinkable happens the sign hooks into the jersey. Eventually I unhook myself. The sign shoots back with a ziinnggg sound and comes to rest. Cool. Carry on. Find one top. Well better than nothing. Pack all the tops back. Pay hit the road back.

Off to West Coast National Park

So off we head to West Coast National Park. The flowers are coming out now and it looks really amazing.

We go to the first look out which is really nice.

The museum at the lookout

I took a video so Nic could enjoy it too as he stayed in the car.

We then went to lunch which was really relaxing and to the beach after that. Enjoy the pics