So, why did you say you need me again?

I really don’t know why some people don’t just do their Tax themselves. I mean they see themselves as taxation experts anyway. My 27 years experience counts for nothing really. 

I mean they actually insult my intelligence by emailing me tax tables that they googled to argue tax rates. That’s after telling me their tax rate is 17% when the minimum tax rate is 18% and has been as far back as I can remember. 

Then there is a car allowance on an IRP5 and the client tells me I’m wrong. Of course I am. It’s not like I’ve any experience of IRP5 codes. Over 20 000 tax returns processed didn’t give me any idea on how to interpret tax source codes. 

What I don’t understand is why people stick around long enough to argue the point with me? Why don’t they just move on and think of me as a dead loss? That’s kind of wierd don’t you think? 

So I’m struggling to deal with life situations and then of course I have to justify myself too. Do you have any idea the level of energy that takes? Energy I really don’t have right now. 


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