I was not about to get into a relationship with anyone, but did want companionship, someone just to share some thoughts with and perhaps the odd meal or movie, that’s what was in my mind

I had this friend that was so into internet chatting it was not funny, and since she was one of my few clients-turned-friends I spent a lot of time at her home. It started just before I left the children’s dad, when I found out I had cervical cancer and he wasn’t there for me. It was the beginning of the end of our relationship. Our relationship didn’t help because she convinced me that there was a better life on the otherside. She had just got divorced and believed that we should be single together I think, looking back now. She drank a lot and I didn’t drink at all, so I used to try and manage her ‘drinking’ as much as I could. Anyway, I saw that internet chatting was relatively safe and since I was not a clubber and a bar person and didn’t socialize a lot, but loved interacting with people decided that was the way to go.

I just really wanted some companionship, low key. I was a workaholic so there would not be time and I did not want a relationship of any description that was for sure. I was internally very unhappy and couldn’t understand why.

So being the strategist that I am, set up two profiles, one with a picture and a boring description and one with no picture but a description that read. ‘I’m looking for someone who likes to drink a lot, come home and demand a three course meal. I don’t mind if he goes for drinks or hangs out with the boys a lot, or doesn’t phone when he’ll be late etc etc. The response on the no picture one was amazing. I was so disillusioned that I was deciding whether to delete the profiles. Most people that contacted me were just not the kind of people you’d want to even do a movie with and that’s just two hours!

Then I get this email, ” How can I get to know you, when you’ve taken all the fun out of it” Finally something that knows it’s a joke!

and that’s how Nic and I met